Friday, December 16, 2011

Gary Steel Sound –Go Go Girl

Gary Steel Sound –Go Go Girl/I’ve Got A Feeling Coming On –Zel-la JHEPM 131 (1973 UK)

Mesmerising total obscurity from the Midlands... Go Go Girl (sounds like Goo Goo Girl to these ears) is a driving hypnotic rocker of the highest order. The chugging guitar is pure Mick Green (Pirates) tight as can be with a cutting lead break with saxes played like Kazoos. File in the same section as Mr Union Railway Man (Mississippi), Hey Hey Jump Now (One Hit Wonders) and Monopoly’s Gone Tomorrow. The B side is a slower tune with Hammond and striking Wah Wah stabs. The chorus is particularly strong. Zel-La (Zella) was a studio in Edgbaston, but beyond this who knows...

Hear a full version of Go Go Girl

Hear a full version of I’ve Got A Feeling Coming On

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