Monday, December 12, 2011

Love and Hate: Navajo vs. Jan & Dean

Navajo – Frisco Bay/ Love and Hate –Musicor MU 1449 (1970 US)
Jan & Dean –Fan Tan/ Love & Hate –Jan & Dean 11 (1967 US)

No particular reason for this post except for finding this great B side by Navajo. It’s a subdued but captivating little ditty which got me hooked when I first heard a snippet a few weeks back. The near prog stabs add a weird touch, they surprise but are strangely fitting. The single is easy to find cheaply online and the A side is OK too. Love & Hate by Jan & Dean is from one the early post accident sessions, where a recuperating Jan Berry brought in some West Coast luminaries to help bring his hummed vocals and visions to fruition. These sessions have recently been collated by Rhino on the exemplary Carnival of Sounds LP. I originally heard Love & Hate on a double bootleg probably in the early 80s and it never ceases to make me smile. So who wins the battle of the B sides? Does anyone have an acetate of Girl You’re Blowing My Mind for sale by any chance?

Hear a full version of Navajo’s Love and Hate

Hear a full version of Jan & Dean’s Love & Hate


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

great site! you are the best!

i looking for years a single

Ramma Damma - Rammadamma (1974 or 1975)
Rammadamma / Hot Dog

Robin Wills said...

I think Proudfood or Crazy Kid posted this a while ago (go to the links)