Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stone Axe –Snakebite

Stone Axe –Slave of Fear/ Snakebite –Rampart Street Records RSRS 0361 (1971 US)

Texas born and bred, Snakebite is pure No-nonsense Dumb-ass Bonehead Boogie from Ex Josefus members Pete Bailey and Ray Turner. Stone Axe only issued this one single and for me the B side is the proverbial meat and two potatoes... although some may prefer the A side which is more in the Heavy Psych genre and somewhat more musical. I guess I just love it dumb...Enjoy

Hear a full version of Snakebite

Hear a full version Slave of Fear


David said...

Tell me when it's for sale! ;)

Anonymous said...

The B-side rocks!
The A-side isn't bad either but they should have flipped the single.


Rich said...

That B side man, it's almost too ahead of it's time/heavy to be 1971....sometimes I wonder if the facts are not slightly altered when these things that are too good to be true suddenly turn up out of the blue. I hope it is though!

Heavypsychmanblog said...

Great single just what you'd expect from ex Josefus guys!