Thursday, December 16, 2010

Moonshine–Just A Little More Line

Moonshine–Just A Little More Line/ I Am The Tail –RCA 1954 (1970 UK)

Just A little More Line is a classic Bubble-cum-MOR jewel. Moonshine was in fact a duo formed by Clodagh Rodgers with Brill Building songwriter, Bubblegum prince and future Yellow Dog Kenny Young. Just A little More Line is one of those songs, which hits parts other tunes don’t often reach. It’s poppy, catchy, evocative and aimed at the top of the charts on merit alone. The 2nd Moonshine single Rocking Horse Man is a letdown in comparison. Both Moonshine singles were released as Moonshyne in the US.

Hear a full version of Just A little More Line


Proudfoot Sound said...

beautiful! I just got a copy!

Anonymous said...

the style and voice reminds me to Ron Dante (Archies singer)!


Purepop said...

Well I think he sang on the Raspberry Pirates single...I have to check which other Bubblegum classics he sang on

sitarswami said...

Kenny Y wrote/produced the Raspberry Pirates single but the singer was Estelle Levitt. Under a pseudonym, Estelle also co-wrote a couple of the Seagulls 45s with KY.

djw said...

Well you've just revealed to me the aural heart of Fat Boy Slim's 'That old pair of jeans'. I love what he did with it but now that I've heard the source I think this is actually better.