Saturday, December 25, 2010

Headstone –Turn Your Head

Headstone –Turn Your Head/Searching Light –EMI C 004-96449 (1975 French issue)

Post Rare Bird outing by Mark Ashton. Following his UA single Get Up And Groove  and still under the auspices of John Anthony, Mark formed Headstone with this single also being included on their second LP. It’s a lovely piece and although permeated by a slight ethereal feel, Turn Your Head is Purepop in its inception and delivery. I hate the term “grower” (as life’s too short) but Turn Your Head’s lack of immediacy and upfront impact is overturned by its creeping appeal, melodicism and chorus that will not leave you alone. A pure delight...Happy Xmas!

Hear a full version of Turn Your Head


duck_stab said...

One of my favorites. That guitar sound is pure 'Something/Anything.' Rare Bird also had a whack at this track, though their effort comes nowhere near Headstone's. Tremendous song.

djw said...

Apart from the surface noise it sounds like the breakout feelgood hit of some contemporary band, timeless I guess is what I'm trying to say.

Spirit of 78 said...

@djw, you mean something like The Feeling? I mean, if they'd covered this instead of releasing the rubbish off their 2nd album, we might still be hearing about them!

Great track, made my day.

michael said...

I heard this song once in 1975 and never heard it again but I did carry the tune around in my head for 36 years. Great to hear it again for a second's definitely got something.