Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sleaz Band –Midnight Man

Sleaz Band –All I Want Is You/ Midnight Man –Fontana 6007 034 (1974 UK)

Midnight Man is a short (under 2 minutes!) and snappy No Brain-Boogie Cruncher with Proto Punk velocity and unreconstructed 70s values. It deserved to come out in 74 where it firmly belongs. The A side is OK, it also rocks out but in a more subdued (read commercial) manner, but the B side is the real keeper here with its wild cheap Fuzz pedal. Stay tuned for the final ending... This single was the only released output from this long standing Dundee band who hooked up with Jim Kelly (Ex Honeybus) in time for this recording. Read the full story and dig the photos here:

Hear a full version of Midnight Man

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