Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Lee – Come On Back To Me/ Back To The USA

Lee –Come On Back To Me/ From LA To Chicago –Vogue VB 287 (1973 Belgium)
Lee –Back To The USA/Agada-Barclay 620.068 (1974 France)

Lee were in fact an incarnation of Belgian band Kleptomania (AKA Klepto). In 1973 the band was joined by Ex Grapefruit and Flynn McCool member Mick Fowler who took over lead vocals and song writing duties on these two singles. Both were released around the same time on different labels, so a lack of continuity hindered any chance of wider recognition. Come Back To Me is perhaps the Glammier of the tracks, the guitar playing from Dany Ladermacher is exemplary and the hand claps are a nice touch although the vocals let down any real Proto Punk potential. The B side is an airy commercial Boogie number with not much to report. Back To The USA starts out thumping and turns into an OK rock-by-numbers tune with another good sturdy performance.
Following stints supporting the New York Dolls and Slade in Belgium and gigs around mainland Europe without any sniff of sucess, Mick left the band who then reverted to their previous moniker.

Hear a full version of Come On Back To Me

Hear a full version of Back To The USA


pooka said...

Nice to know where Mick Fowler ended after FYnn McCool! By the way he was also in the band Sleepy, which had two great singles for Cbs in the late sixties

Mick said...

Wow. haven't heard these tunes in so many years. I had such a good time with Lee and was sad to hear of the passing of Charlie, the bass player and all round great guy.
Maybe I'm biased (for sure) but these tunes kinda hold up, to a certain extent. Enjoyed the reminiscing.

Anonymous said...

hi mick, my uncle john freakin deakin played sax with u in sleepy , as u prob know he died in 69 , iv just heard it for the the first time, is it really the same by sleepy , well cool, just trying to find out more about him and who knew him , please contact me if thats ok , Darrenare@yahoo.co.uk , regards Darren