Monday, December 06, 2010

Chris Neal –Mr. Leather and Velvet

Chris Neal –Mr. Leather and Velvet/Daddy Don’t Go –EMI C 006-95243 (1973 German issue)

Mr. Leather and Velvet is a gorgeous Glam-era tune from the Aussie Prog and soundtrack stalwart. It may owe quite a bit to 72 Bowie with Psych/Pop elements, but stands on its own right as a perfect piece of Purepop: Innocent, as catchy as they come, deserving of widespread recognition and sounding like a HIT!

Hear a full version of Mr. Leather and Velvet


duck_stab said...

Great! Just ordered a copy! Bit of late Move/Idle Race in the vox too. That guitar is toytown top ranking!

Sarah said...

This is more than awesome Robin. Thanks for discovering and posting this gem.
Best wishes.

EXPO67 said...

Nice one and certainly a 'lost gem'

duck_stab said...

Now I got it! You know what this sounds like? Elmer Goodbody!

Purepop said...

mmm...perhaps I should do a post on the ELMER...Unless someone else already has...My Do Ya is better than yours vs. Forest

CB50 said...

This is not by the Australian Chris Neal, but by the British singer/songwriter Chris Neal, sadly no longer with us, who wrote and recorded in the 1970's (songs included "Don't go Daddy" - inspired by his son Sheldon, "St. Moritz", "My Town"). If anyone is interested and has the necessary equipment, I have an old tape on which Chris recorded many of his songs which could perhaps be converted.

Markus3224 said...

CB5O..........I knew Chris Neal briefly when he lived in Brighton and am very sad to hear that he is no longer with us. He was a huge Kris Kristofferson fan as I'm sure you know, and I have very fond memories of sitting around his flat drinking cider and listening to him play 'Help Me Make It Through the Night'. He gave me a signed copy of 'Bookends for the Boy', which I treasure. Do you mind filling me in? How did he die and when? Thanks much! Mark

CB50 said...

Sorry for the delay in coming back on this. I'm afraid I don't know when or how Chris died Mark; I was briefly in touch last year with his erstwhile manager, Donny Marchand, and Donny told me that Chris had sadly passed away, but I didn't get any details.
Like you I have fond memories of listening to Chris in his flat in Brighton (which I believe was in Ditchling Rise, and I seem to recall was mostly painted orange!) whilst Chris' wife Tina looked after their son Sheldon.
My memory of that time is a bit hazy, but I seem to remember that The Hare & Hounds pub was his preferred local and that he also had a friend called Pete Jarvis who knocked around with Chris.
I haven't yet converted the reel-to-reel tape but plan to do so soon.

Sheldon Neal said...

This is my Dad ! Cris Neal (was Chris)!
This made my day to read such memories of my Dad!
All the things you mentioned I remember too - countless nights with my dad strumming away in our living room with a bottle of Strongbow by his side! And yes he was a huge Kristofferson fan.
He was always most at ease with friends round our house, and that guitar in his hands - the guitar which you both heard him play, I still have to this day.
You may or may not ever get to read my reply as it's years later from your posts, but if you ever do, I thank you, for having good memories of my Dad. I do wish I had a few more nights with him and his guitar.

Sheldon Neal