Friday, November 19, 2010

Utrecht Day 2: Set Up Day

OK, so I set the time for 6am on my alarm in order to get to the fair for 7am, but somehow I didn’t actually set the I slept until after 9am. In fact it doesn’t matter at what time you arrive...there is just so much to find. Anyhow I WILL set it for 6am tomorrow. We’ll see what happens...
A nice bunch of records today:
Buzz –The Rock Roller Coaster. Never knew that there was a UK release. Supposedly Geoff Appleby forbade it being released in the UK and it was thought that it was only released in Germany –NOT true!
Heart –Hang On. Their first single
Shakane –Down Down Down
Shakane –Love Machine
Mersey Kids –Keep on Rockin’ –Love this one. Melodic French pop rocker lost in time...
Matchmakers –Thank You Baby, Baby Make Me Happy -2 singles by the Mark Wirtz led Bubblegum merchants
Crabby Appleton –Go Back –Heavy powerpop with Michael Fennelly. To be shelved next to my French copy
Lee –Come on Back To Me –companion to their Back in the USA single by a UK/ Belgian combo who supported the NY Dolls back in ’73. The full story coming soon.
Crossbones –Shakin’ All Over
Jeronimo -He Ya –adequate cover of JJ Light tune
Shocking Blue –Good Times. One of the last (or the last?) single by this Dutch rock institution. Good cover of The Easybeats tune
Nightmare –Great Balls of Fire –German pic sleeve
Beano –Little Cinderella –nifty German sleeve
Dummy –Dummy Boy –Camp Nederglam.
The Bear Brothers –Red Shoe Trucken/ Bondiago –Great German pic cleeve. God these guys were proud of their look...
Big Wheel –Shake a Tail Feather –French pic sleeve
Casuals –Tara Tiger Girl –nifty German pic sleeve on this more Move than The Move ace track.
Les Sauterelles –Station on Third Avenue –Swiss band covering the unreleased (at the time) Easybeats classic
Sandwich –Kookie –nice purple vinyl on this bubblegum high point from the Silly Milly Krauts
Hush –Oh Me, Oh My –later German issue (1976) with different B side
BZN –Rolling Around The Band –very Creedence...
City Surfers –Powder Puff +Beach Ball -2 fine mint copies. Ace Surf/ Hot rod creations by Terry Melcher with Jim Mcguinn involvement
Bismarck –Shotgun Express –good N’ Heavy
Marz –Slow Train –fine Kraut Boogie
UFO –Prince Kajuku –I have a certain fondness for early UFO, haven’t owned this one since I was 12...
Big Secret – Ride Captain Ride –Enry and July on cute dance Glam number
The Equals –I can See But You Don’t Know –Cracking Freakbeat
De Cylinders –I Wanna Get Married –nice original on CNR of this Dutch Powerpop classic
Mammoth –Hanna Banana –the B side is more than a steal of Little bit of Soul
Matchbox –Don’t Shut Me Out/ Rod –Nice German pic sleeve, Crazy B side
Mick Jagger –Memo from Turner –again another fab German pic sleeve
Beagle –The Things That We Say –from 1992!!!! I still like their first album and why not have this track on a 45?
Long Tall Ernie And The Shakers –Motor Man EP. Been looking for this for 3 years. Finally...
Killing Floor –Call For The Politicians. Good heavy Boogie call to arms
The Times –Sexy Lady –like a more meaty Bay City Rollers...
Choc –I Want You To Be My Girl –never seen this Dutch pic sleeve before on Pink Elephant
Bonnie St. Claire –Knock On My Door/ Do You Feel Alright. What is an Utrecht fair without a bit of Bonnie? Lovely knitted outfits on this German pic sleeve. The B side should have been the A side in my humble opinion –you be the judge:

Hear a full version of Do You Feel Alright


duck_stab said...
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Low Down Kids said...

Robin didn't tell me 'hello'. You know what he's like: he was too busy asking all the stall-holders "have you got any Bonnie?" and scoffing mouthfuls of frikandellen for such niceties.

My best 'PurePop' score of the weekend was that "Hot Amsterdam" by Tiger.

My worst 'Worthless Trash' score was the 'other' single by The Dollops.

Roll on April, so we can do it all again.

bristolboy said...

So the 2nd Dollops 45 does exist then!!