Thursday, November 18, 2010

Utrecht: Day 1

And so it begins...
As far as pre-fair goes, the usual visit to Da Capo was on the menu.
As I now have a Netbook and portable record player with me...I give you the sights and sounds as they happen –talk about dedicated!

Fandango –High Class Girl –Good pseudo Glam production by Tony Atkins (Galahad etc...)
Mandi Wilson –Ray of Sunshine  –echoey Girl Pop. Nice motorbike sleeve
Teenager –Baby Hold On –Dutch Pop
Blue Swede –Silly Milly –BuggleGlam –same track as by Sandwich
The Biggles –Paula –Interesting moody number. Both tracks written by Corgan (as in The Booby Trap single) , which is in fact a pseudonym for Jaap Eggermont,
Joey Valentine –Going To The Movies –Bright Glam/Eurovision crossover
Lally Stott –Jakaranda –Good groove on A side, while the B side is a real popsyke opus
Napoleon Jones –Lazy Love –Spectorian Soul with 74 tendencies
Johnny Prowse –Days in September. On the Bumble label, the B side steals the show in fine Kinks fashion
Strange Bros Show –Right On – Feldman/ Gottehrer...not much more to report
Linda Kendrick –Sympathy for The Devil –Intruiging take on the Jagger/Richards Satanic majesty –see review elsewhere on the blog
Girlie –Hello Hello. The perfect mix of Luv meets The Runaways...

Hear a full version of Hello Hello

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