Saturday, November 20, 2010

Utrecht Day 3: Saturday

A day of consolidation, not a mass buying spree. The trains weren’t running to Utrecht due to a fire, so the fair was more subdued today. Let's see what tomorrow brings...

Patty Flabbies’ Coughed Engine-Billy’s Got A Goat –fun Bubblegum –Resnick and Levine...

Ransome Head -Sing –the intro fuzz is devastating, then the level drops somewhat...

Crackers –Judy Judy Judy –Invigorating BubbleGlam –Great

Slowload-Big Boobs Boogie –Future Fruit Eating Bear in full frontal stoopid boogie masterpiece

Stevie Wright –Evie parts 1, 2, 3- Nice Dutch sleeve

The Heartbreakers –No Scene At All –OK Kiwi Pub Rock/Pop on Vertigo

Elliott” they asked me to be the next Dylan, but I refused and they chose Springsteen instead”Murphy –Last of The Rock Stars. Still a great song in nice French pic sleeve


Worthless Trash said...

Crackers was the Horrorcomic people. There was a tamer 'alt' version released in Holland on Negram a year later. 'Judy' works well as an instrumental, particularly with the volume turned up!

What/who links the Slowload 45 to the FEB's?

Purepop said...

It's Neville Crosier....see comments in original post