Friday, April 09, 2010

Utrecht Record Fair-Day 2 Friday –Early Entry

Friday is the day dealers set up for the fair. From 4am dealers queue in their vans and gain access to the fair area by driving directly in. The photo above is at 7:20am, dealers unload and those with early entry passes get the opportunity to get first inspection of the stock. There are approximately 500 dealers with stalls, and they all start unloading during the morning, so it’s a question of going up and down the area to spot the latest crate as it gets unloaded.
Friday is the day to get first pick and then it’s a case of revisiting, check out what you missed on Saturday and Sunday.

Good pickings today...
Airship –Get Out, Take Your Mother with You –Demo
Hammersmith Gorillas –You Really Got Me –Great German pic sleeve
Third World War –A Little Bit of Urban Rock –German pic sleeve
Carol Connors sings Yum Yum Yamaha (one sided promo record US pic sleeve)

Barracuda –Summer Girls with the moody I Feel So Down (French pic sleeve)
Tony Condor –All Right Again (BelgoGlam )
Headstone –Turn Your Head –French pic sleeve (why do I now have the UK, German and French issue? Great track whichever the issue)
Hondells –Cheryl’s Going Home (US). Cover of Bob Lind number, I’ve always enjoyed the transition between Surf and Folk Rock
Hondells –Endless Sleep (US)
Count Five –Peace of Mind (US)
Ohio Express –That’s the Way a Woman is (Ger pic sleeve)
Bullett –Leave That Girl Alone ( RCA Australia). Sounds VERY Promising. A Ted Mulry track, sounds very raw. Anyone know anything about this one?
Daybreak –To Be Near You (French pic sleeve… bit like Brother Susan)
Equals –I Can See But You Don’t Know (Ger pic sleeve)
Jon Symon –Silver Star –Ger pic sleeve
Ruby Pearl and The Dream Boats –The Shang-A-Lang Song (French pic sleeve) with the weird Will You Stop That B side
Tag Rag -1-2-3-4 (Dutch pic sleeve)
Lucy Lastic –(He’s My) Skateboard Hero
LUV –Trojan Horse –Ger pic sleeve –love this track, be sure to check out the Youtube clip
Love And Tears–Rock and Roll Lullaby –Ger Pic sleeve
Ricky Wilde –I Am an Astronaut (with Hertfordshire Rock b side –Ger pic sleeve)
Jackal –The Year of The Tiger
Cobraa –Ride a Pony –French pic sleeve issue of this bonkers KrautGlam masterpiece
Spinach –America –Ger pic sleeve (Giorgio M)
Bloom –Don’t Break This Heart –Nice to get a spare of this top Dutch Powerpop single
Capricorn –Baby Likes To Do The Rock and Roll -Dutch pic sleeve (Catchy Glam track with full production)
Propeller –Apache Woman –A CLASSIC, need I say more?
Zappo –Rock and Roll Crazy/ Right On –French pic sleevde
Hammer –Rocks off (Not the Dutch Hammer, but neat Glammy UK Hard Rock from ’73)
Shakane –Down Down Down –Ger pic sleeve
Erasmus –Jungle –Dutch Pic sleeve on Pink Elephant (Erasmus Chorum)
Fickle Pickle –Just an Old Fashioned Love Song –Dutch pic sleeve
ParkLane –The Party (Dutch pic sleeve) wti Rock And Roll Drummer as the B side
Mick Mercury and The Meteors –Waiting Room Goodbye –French pic sleeve
Crossbones –Shakin’ All Over –Ger pic sleeve
Raspberries –Let’s Pretend –Ger pic sleeve
Moonshine –Just a Little more Line –love this track…What came first the UK or US issue?
Chris Hodge –Goodbye Sweet Lorraine-French pic sleeve –One of the 10.000s of recently salvaged Pathé Marconi records from the infamous warehouse...Someone should tell the full story of this. Action EPS, Zoot the 100s!
Rock Co.Co –Rover Man Ger pic sleeve –Hilarious sleeve…might be great or a complete turkey…

Not much else to report from the first day about from aching limbs from a 12 hour day and the odd culinary mishap…More tomorrow


Worthless Trash said...

Airship, cool!

One of the band is currently tidying up some unreleased recordings. The preview I heard was nice, hopefully the rest is as good, if not better.

I don't suppose your demo of "Mother" came with the promo photo and info sheet?

Purepop said...

Hi James
Nope no release sheet or photo with the Airship said...

The Hammer single is in fact The Plattermen with Rob Strong.

Purepop said...

Interesting. Showband goes heavy and ends up on Vertigo? Must be a first. Thanks for the info