Thursday, April 08, 2010

Utrecht –Day 1 -Thursday –The pre-fair

Got to Utrecht bright and early and went down to the Da Capo record store (
The store is run by Michel who is one of the most knowledgeable and friendly record shop owners around who also sports the latest in post-modernist Weller Mod crops. The shop itself is on two floors, the ground floor has LPs, CDs and singles. The back room is the “Singles Bar” where a wide selection of 45s are all neatly organised. The basement is “The Beat Cave” where everything is at 1 Euro…time and patience is required for there is a huge selection of stuff and there a jewels to be unearthed from the heaving mass.

Found a good first bunch of singles:

The Rousers –Rock ‘N Roll or Run –Rousing Dutch Powerpop
Milk ‘N’ Cookies –Little Lost and Innocent –Dutch Pic Sleeve
Jonny Summa –Seventeen
Matchmakers –Thank You Bay –Dutch Pic Sleeve
Left Side –Morning Sunrise Dutch Pic Sleeve with the great Can’t You See Me B side
Hello –Star Studded Sham –Dutch Pic Sleeve –perhaps too obvious for a review, but one of my all time top 10 singles
Mabel –I’m only Here To Rock ‘n’Roll –Delightfully dorky, but great track anyhow
Clover Leaf –Don’t Spoil The Party –worthwhile B side –Sweeter Better
Booby Trap –Kelly Grace and Sally –sadly without the pic sleeve
Zodiac –Louie Louie –god knows…but how can you go wrong with Louie Louie?
Radar –Sweet Baby Sweet –Great Dutch Sweet sound-alike with female vox
Harley Quinne –Roadie Dutch pic sleeve –not their best single, but never seen it with this cover
Peter Blake –Boogie Breakout –the lipsmackin’ Coca Cola guy…not heard this yet
Sweet –Teenage Rampage –German pic sleeve
Unrelated Segments –Story of My Life –HBR
Trevor White –Crazy Kids

Next is the 6am wake up in order to be at the fair for the dealer entrance at 7am…Ah, to have a hobby!


Hubba Zoot said...

Sounds like a nice hunt.

Anonymous said...

That Moyo single you picked up is fucking insane. Happy to say I own a copy. -JH