Saturday, April 10, 2010

Utrecht Record Fair-Saturday

Saturday 9:20 am

I slept in a bit and only got to the fair just after 9 (early entry passes are from 7am). I took a more leisurely walk up and down the aisles, but didn’t manage to complete the whole circuit before 6pm even when I only look at singles.
Slim pickings today, but I have my eye on a few higher priced items. Tomorrow is the day to go for those as many dealers halve the prices of their stock on Sundays.

Saturday’s purchases

Key West –Love Me Tonight. Power Pop. The B side, I’m being taken apart, is not on their LP.
Masterswitch –Action Replay –good tough Powerpop produced by Vic Maile
Spongetones –Now You’re Gone –Danish pic sleeve. Must be the same Spongetones …licensed to a Danish label in 1985.
Hansje-Automobile –nice cover on this Scandinavian issue
Walkers –Fire and Do The Yo Yo –both Danish issues
Iggy Pop/James Williamson –I Gotta Right
Versatility –Tequila Madness –No idea what this is…on President from 1975


bristolboy said...

certainly is the same spongetones - its on the "mega" label - nice powerpop

Hubba Zoot said...

That song by The Spongetones I've been looking for for ages! Thanks for reminding me.