Sunday, April 11, 2010

Utrecht Record Fair: Sunday

The last day...had about 5 hours to go round the stands one last time. The atmosphere is more relaxed and subdued on the Sunday. Picked up the last bunch and headed home from where I am now writing this post...I'll need a few days to digest the records and the Frikadellen. Reviews of some of these soon...

Records bought on Sunday:

The Gants -I Wonder
Matadors -Come On Let Yourself Go -Jan Berry production
Souful Dynamics -Mademoiselle Ninette -Bubblegum -very Equals-like
Troggs -Satisfaction -French pic sleeve
Zen -Get Me Down (Hans van Hemert production)
Tiger -Crazy (Danish pic sleeve)
Neil Christian -She's Got The Power -French pic sleeve
Neil Christian -She's Got The Power -Dutch pic sleeve
Andy Bown -New York Satyricon Zany -French pic sleeve
Sorrows -C'Mon Everybody -Ger Pic Sleeve -yes the remnants of the very same Sorrows produced by Eddie Seago and John Rossall
Frog -Monie Monie (French pic sleeve)
Bonnie St. Claire -Voulez Vous -French pic sleeve (a trip to Utrecht isn't complete without a bit of Bonnie...)
K.W Winston -Don't Ask Me -French pic sleeve. Great B side instro called Slow Rock...more soon
Little Roosters -People Break Down -French pic sleeve
Streak -Bang Bang Bullet -Swedish pic sleeve

Thanks for Cass and Marjoleijn for the invite and Jos, Jeroen and Steve for the company...and to all the dealers for unloading their vans within striking distance


Jeroen Vedder said...

As promised, Cindy und Bert:

Purepop said...

OMG...Das ist gut!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your interesting report.
I`ve never been to Utrecht, so I`m curious about the prices:
Is it possible to get real bargains, or is it very pricey ?
If you don`t mind, please tell me (us) about it.

Purepop said...

As with any fair there is a wide range pf prices. There are plenty of 1 Euro singles, but you have to wade through 1000s of them to find 2-3 singles of interest. pricing for the rest differs wildly depending on the record itself you can find singles in the 100s of Euros price range and stuff reasonably prices around the 3-8 Euro mark

Graffitika said...

Like Anonymous, prices would have been nice to see. As a strictly internet buyer due to my South Asian location, I'm always curious what record fairs charge? I assumed it was about the same as online but you have a better chance of haggling it down a bit when face-to-face.