Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jeremiah –Dance Dance Dance

Jeremiah –Dance Dance Dance/Get Out of My Way –Vogue VB 382 (1974 Belgium)

Jeremiah are another bunch of likely lads from Belgium. OK, they have a slight Mutant Geek look (must be something in the Belgian water supply...Looks like they drank from the same well as The Garnets!), but musically they certainly give Lennart & Dagleth a good run for their money. Dance Dance Dance is a sprightly and vibrant rockin’ Powerpop tune -Duck Stab even noticed a vocal similarity with Chris Stamey...The B side is also a fast-paced melodic tune with monkey-beat chugging to the fore. I would love to know about this bunch, there is at least one other single with Jeremiah as a three piece...or perhaps they just decided to put their best faces forwards on this one?

Hear a full version of Dance Dance Dance

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duck_stab said...

what really seals it for me is that absolutely out-of-time post-punk-y guitar tone at the beginning. oh, and the less than fluid transition to the chorus is pretty choice as well.

thanks to mr. ryan wells for turning my ears on to it!