Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chalice –In My World

Chalice –In My World/Mr. Won’t You Help Me –Clarion K-5478 (1974 Aus)

Recorded in Manchester’s Strawberry studios, this was the first of three singles the band released on Clarion before a switch to Polydor. In My World (real MOD title that...) is a sterling Powerpop gem heavily indebted to 67’ era Who updated to 1974 in a similar way as the best Raspberries material. Bassist Les Brazil’s vocals are clear as a bell and the driving beat is neatly juxtaposed with some sweet Mellotron...

Neil Scott (guitarist): We recorded and mixed 4 songs in 8 hours during the session at 10 cc’s Strawberry Studios in Stockport ! In My World, the B side, Mr. Won't you Help Me, Ebenezer and There Will Come A Time which was never released. We used a session keyboard player - a girl who played Mellotron on In My World and piano and Mellotron on There Will Come A Time. We were all from Manchester but shortly after the session and back in Perth, we added an Aussie on guitar and keyboards and we bought our own Mellotron!

The song writing and overall performance is Purepop all the way and bodes well for the upcoming Chalice compilation on the revamped Zero Hour label. The B side is no slouch either... In My World was later re- recorded for their Overflow LP on Polydor

.........................................Chalice in 1976....................................
But the question did Chalice end up in Perth?

Neil Scott: We ended up in Perth because our agents in Warrington sent us to London to audition for a guy from Australia who became our manager once we arrived. He actually wanted Mud or Paper Lace but they weren't available, so I suppose we came third!

Hear a full version of In My World


PLAY IT LOUD! said...

Hi Robin. Thank you for sharing these wonderful songs. I've got a podcast about classic punk, powerpop and new wave called PLAY IT LOUD! Now I've started a new blog with more lost gems and included your blog in my favourites.
It's in spanish, but I hope you like it anyway.
You can see it at: (podcast) (blog)

Anonymous said...

This is fucking excellent as usual. You've unearthed another serious treasure. Thanks Robin!

Steve said...

This band sound very much like the Rubinoos in many ways - lead vocals in particular - I see the Anthology CD is still in the works - will send ZeroHour a nag email


Steve said...

Posting on an old item after many visits, but you gotta start somewhere ... For me, This band had a strong similarity in sound to the (later) Rubinoos - vocally in particular!

I see Zerohour a still working on the CD anthology - must nag him via email

These tracks all need a fresh release

Thanks Steve