Friday, December 11, 2009

Zoo –Walking

Zoo –Walking/ Love Love –Jupiter Records 13046 AT (1973 German issue) & CNR 141.198 (1973 NL)

This is the Dutch Zoo (not the French one) with another prime example of the fine art of the Dutch foot stomp. OK, Walking doesn’t quite have the overall killer attitude of the best of Nederglam ©, but this marching sing-a-long is nailed down by the mother of all goose-stepping stomps with a slight Creedence ring to the guitar riff. So no hippie walk-about here then, this is heavy heavy Neder-thudding!

Zoo hailed from Groningen (The Venice of the North), from the remains of a band called Spring. At first they were known as Groninger Muziek Vereniging (Groningen Music Society), but Zoo had many line-up changes. Most of their songs were written by Eddie Meyer and Bert Veldkamp, but their most well known member was drummer Peter Walrecht who would later on play drums in other bands from the Groningen muic scene like Herman Brood & His Wild Romance, New Adventures and AA & the Doctors.
Their music could be described as prog, and they were influenced by The Beatles , Yes and Argent. In 1971 they played as a support act for Argent in Groningen. Later on they played the Paradiso and also did a TV-show. Zoo made 4 singles, of which Walking is the 3rd.
Walking was written by Peter du Bois and Peter Bewley who would later gain chart success with Lemming. They also made an LP for CNR in 1973 which contained no less than 6 Beatle covers!
Thanks to Jos for the background info!

Hear a full version of Walking

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duck_stab said...

Great! Creedence if they were any good and minus Fogerty's lame tobacco gargle! Zoo are barefootin'!