Sunday, November 01, 2009

Brian Wells –Paper Party

Brian Wells –Paper Party/Just A Summer High –Spark SRL1082 (1972 UK)
Coming across like Brett Smiley fusioned with Russell Mael sporting some Al Stewart inflections; Paper Party finds Brian backed by what sounds like an amalgamation of Cockney Rebel and Sweet thus showcasing a severe case of lack of direction, although the results form a Pop/Glam concoction in its purest form...Paper Party has the beat and tempo but the surprising inclusion of a sustained fiddle adds another layer of puzzlement to the proceedings. An obscure misfit of a single; but good fun to be enjoyed by all.

Hear a full version of Paper Party


finton said...

...and a little preview of T Rex 1974 vintage! This is one of the best things you've ever uploaded - brilliant. Do you have any idea who he is? Google doesn't offer anything, although the Graham Preskett, composer, on MySpace could be the producer, I suppose.

John G

Purepop said...

Hi John
Glad you enjoyed it. I couldn't find anything about the guy though. I don't have a Myspace, so if you feel inclined to approach Graham and share any info...that would be great
All the best

finton said...

A friend of mine alerted me to this article...everything you need to know!

Purepop said...

The Rock N Roll Psychiatrist? A UK Eugene Landy? A number one hit in Hong Kong...

Anonymous said...

Is the producer Graham Preskett the same Graham Preskett who played violin on the 1988 Status Quo song Cross That Bridge?


Graham Preskett said...

We recorded it at Southern Music in Denmark Street. That's the fuzz electric piano and some dodgy electric fiddle from me. Yes I am the same Graham who played on the Quo stuff (and Baker Street, etc...... If it was a hit in Hong Kong, you can guarantee that neither I nor Brian received a penny! He is a psychiatrist now, for his sins. I shall contact him. Cheers, Graham Preskett

Unknown said...

It's good to have my genius finally recognised, albeit it in a somewhat roundabout and possibly misunderstood manner!

My brother found this blog and sent it on to me, being a total philistine of technology.

Yes, I'm a psychiatrist, currently travelling, not at ALL like Eugene Landy.....Please!

Following the failure of the world to recognise Paper Party as one of THE great works, despite the brilliance of Graham's musicianship and production skills, I had to do something to survive in this cruel and unappreciative life! All best....Brian Wells

Anonymous said...

I recall the recording session in the basement of Southern Music in Denmark Street. As an Art Student I had hitch-hiked to London from Wolverhampton and I arrived as the session drummer was leaving (someone mentioned he was part of a well known band, Badfinger?) A smoke filled basement full of a wide variety of people, at least one dog, a Bearded Collie, possibly two. A floor full of Graham Preskett's guitars and violins. Various girlfriends and strange people. A nasty stain kept appearing in the acoustic ceiling tiles which the recording engineer would attack at odd moments with various cans of spray. The session lasted for many hours during which Denmark Street was scoured for a cowbell - which is prominently featured - and the barking dog heard in the middle chorus was in fact the recording engineer barking into the control room mic. A surreal event - which I am pleased to say - is perfectly reflected in the recording. A classic - and indeed the B side, Just a Summer High, was number one in Hong Kong - but that is a different story for another time.