Friday, November 06, 2009

J.C. Livingstone –Hello Johnny

J.C. Livingstone –Oh Oh Angelina/ Hello Johnny –Polydor 2040133 (1974 German issue)
J.C. released quite a few singles mainly in a Euro Oompa Pop style, the exception being the killer pounding Mama Was A Steamroller Lady and this B side. Written by Rod and Eva McQueen, who as Muff were behind the Crunchy Glamsters Sexy Sexy Lady and Do The Hand Jive. In fact Hello Johnny is the ancestor of the skewered but jumpy Discotheque King which was the B side of Do The Hand Jive appearing with new lyrics and those strange on-beat hand claps (
I believe that J.C. Livingstone was originally from South Africa and I wonder if J.C. Livingstone was in fact Rod McQueen...any confirmation on this?

Hear a full version of Hello Johnny

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terryden said...

sounds like late monks, great!