Sunday, July 26, 2009

Leather Head –Gimme Your Money Please

Leather Head –Gimme Your Money Please/ Epitaph –Philips 6006371 (1974 UK)

On first hearing you could believe that this is a recording of an embryonic Stranglers. The approach is pretty punked out with the keyboard a dead ringer for Dave Greenfield on this BTO cover. This single appears to have been the sole release by this local band from Leatherhead, which is just up the road from Guildford where The Stranglers plied their trade. Not sure of the whole line up but Geoff Boswell was on bass and Marcus Bird played keyboards...was there a link between Dave Greenfield and Marcus? The B side is quite a proggy epic, running at over 6 minutes, again featuring that same organ sound - Junkshop Prog anyone?
Thanks to PK for the turn on

Hear a full version of Gimme Your Money Please


Low Down Kids said...

It's the MC5's "High School" played by a pre-Stranglers in a faux-Rollerball ("Savage Eyes") stylee! Highly unusual die-cut sleeve on this - who were they special friends with at Philips?

The Adolescent 46 Year Old said...

Not bad cover of a great Bachman-Turner Overdrive tune. Nice find. :-)

Excellent blog which I check daily.

I love the 'Buster Jangles' Flying Mattress' and 'Day ‘n Night' tunes you've posted in recent months.

Keep up the good work. It IS appreciated! :-)

Anonymous said...

The B side always reminded me of geramn rockers FAITHFUL BREATH!!