Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shiva –The Legend of Tutankhamun

Shiva –the Legend of Tutankhamun/ Valley of The Kings –D’art –ART 2017 (1972 UK)
Released as a tie- in to the 1972 Tutankhamun exhibition, The Legend of Tutankhamun is a memorable and fun novelty cash in by the mysterious Shiva. The vocals have a great drone effect going for them and come across like some earthy pagan hurdy gurdy. This is on a par with and a great companion piece to The Dynasty release on Phoenix from the same year:

Go Boy King Go!

Hear a full version of The Legend of Tutankhamun

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man walking downstair said...

heard this yesterday on my local college station in austin, tx. i am so glad i found it online.