Friday, July 31, 2009

Fran O’Toole –Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet

Fran O' Toole 8th February 1947 -31st July 1975

Fran O’Toole –Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet/Drift Away –Emerald –MD.1179 (1974 IRL)
As part of the ongoing saga of chronicling the countless versions of CYHASYF that appeared around the world, here is the Irish version that was actually a top hit in Ireland in 1974. It’s a really good version with a different restrained stomping arrangement on the chorus and a key change at the end. This version has the added poignancy of what happened to Fran O’Toole who also sang and played keyboards for The Miami Showband. That name is still synonymous with one of the more horrifying outrages that occurred during “The Troubles”.

Fran was murdered on the 31st of July 1975 during an ambush by the UVF along with Miami Showband members Brian McCoy and Tony Geraghty -Read the story here:

There is a later Miami Showband single (under the name Miami) Reelin’ N Rockin With Susie (Mint), which features a similar, but inferior re-working/re-mix of CYHASYF on the B side.
Hear a full version of Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet


Anonymous said...

Being Irish Frans version of CYHASYF was the only version i was aware of until i happened upon this blog and found the original by Bonnie St Claire. Must admit i prefer Frans version.The Miami Showband are back on the road with the two remaining survivors from that fateful night Stephen Travers and Des Mc Alea they include a rousing version of CYHASYF in memory of Fran.

Anonymous said...

Fran O' Toole was the best, to this day I think about him. What a waste, he brought music to the masses and lost his life in the process.Will always be an angel in my eyes. I remember The Miami Showband being the first live band I ever saw. Today no others can touch.I will never forget where I was when that awful news came it was the end of my world. Love you always Fran a devoted fan to the day I die. Bernadette x x x x

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to hear that Fran
O'Toole has made a cover version
of my song "Clap your hands and stamp your feet". Is their a way
to here his version ?

Peter Koelewijn

Purepop said...

Hi Peter
Good to hear from you. If you to my profile page, you can find my email address, send me an email and I will supply you with any version of CYHASYF you may not know -you know the Canadian and South African versions?
All the best

Mister Speaker said...

Check out