Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Records picked up in Utrecht

Here are some of the singles I picked up in Utrecht. I arrived on the Thursday so was finally able to visit the Da Capo shop . It’s absolutely great for singles (and LPs -if you like that sort of thing) –the basement (The Beatcave) is crammed full of singles at 1 Euro each and they also have a single bar full of more collectable singles, plus all the singles in the main shop. It’s well worth arriving a day early and checking the shop out. I must have found around 30 singles at Da Capo. The remaining 70 or so singles were found in 3 days of going up and down the aisles at the fair in a mad obsessive daze...Here’s to a return in November to the best record fair in the world!!!

Smyle –Tandem
The Hammer –I’d Do It Again –NL Pic Sleeve –this is Mark Boon post Smyle –a great powerpop single.
Amsterdam –Donay
Tiger – Hot Amsterdam/ The Bomb. This is in fact The Tigers On Vaseline –the B side is indeed “The Bomb” and rocks to the max.
Drama –Mary’s Mamma (Peter Koelewijn production –the B side is best)
Wellington –Swoop Down On You -would you believe a third single by Wellington? I don’t think it got released in the UK –good uptempo Glam)
Shadows of Knight –My Fire Department Needs A Fireman –Ger Pic sleeve
Renee –Whole Lot of Shakin’ Going On
Radar –Sweet Baby Sweet –Killer Dutch Glam single –If I knew this one before, it would have been on the comp – a prime candidate for volume two !
Mike Berry –Don’t Be Cruel (The Joe Meek one, not the Ning one)
Zoo –Walking –CNR - another stomping Dutch Glamster
Whistle –The Party Must Be Over –UK demo
Lemming –Bang On
Rocketters –Rocket Man
Cape Canary –Let There Be Light
Brownsville Station –King of The Party –Ger pic sleeve
Resonance –Moto Rock –French Pic Sleeve. This is the same bunch who did OK Chicago . Great motorbike noises over a chugging beat
Circus –Over and Over –Negram
Bacchus –who Put The Bomp –The B side Teen Queen is the reason to own this one
Fickle Pickle –The Letter Dutch Pic Sleeve
Los Brincos –You Know (B side is Spanish version of Nobody Wants You Now)
Serpentine –Yesterday Papers –cool psych 2 sider –perfect Circus Days fodder
Serpentine –Instant Alison
Girlie –Andy –Dutch Pic sleeve
Nick Gilder -Roxy Roller –Dutch Pic Sleeve
Anita Garbo –Race With The Devil –Good cover of the Gun hit with a Glammy B side
Mathew Passion –Company Director –Dart
Wei Wei Wong –Sing Song Boat –Dart
Mighty Love –We’ve Gotta Live With One Another –D'art
Left Side –Morning Sunrise –absolute killer B side on this their last single, forget the A side
Moving Men –The King of Crazy Town –The Rockets in disguise in ultra rocking Glam mode with quirky effects galore
Cardinal Point –Peppermint Twist
Bintangs –Riding On the L &R –what is it with the Dutch and flutes? –Otherwise a cracking rocker
John Arthur –No Lady No –CNR
Whichwhat –Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’ (the Crazy Elephant Tune)
Heart-Stronger –the Dutch Heart’s 3rd and last single
Zoom –Bye Bye Honey Bee –self produced French poppy Boogie Glam single
20/20 –nice Dutch pic sleeve of Cheri
Artful Dodger -lead track off 3rd album, but with front cover featuring photo used for the painting on the front of their first album.
Jungle Jim –Big Fat Onraguman (Swedish Pic Sleeve)
Pebbles –Mother Army
William Shakespeare –Can’t Stop Myself From Loving You (Ger Pic Sleeve)
General of Budapest –Everybody Join us
Carl Simmons –King Of Rock N Roll (this is Dick Turpin of Madeline fame)
Chicory Tip –Good Grief Christina –Dutch Pic Sleeve
Chicory Tip –Survivor
UFO –C’mon Everybody –early single –sounds like they only wanted to be Blue Cheer at this point
Teddy Lane –Bye Bye Love –good rocking B side
Hector –Bye Bye Bad Days –UK DJM
Giorgio –Today’s A Tomorrow / Underdog–Ger Pic sleeves
Slade – Get Down and Get With it –the short haired sleeve
Bert De Conninck –Cadillac –Killer cover version
Uge –Mad Charles (a wonderful mad release –check out the blog)
Shakane –Big Step (Ger Pic Sleeve)
Shakane –Down Down Down (the Trevor Burton song-great B side as well –Ger Pic Sleeve)
Streak –Bang Bang Bullet –Dutch pic sleeve
R.B Zipper –Come Back Marianne –Ger Pic Sleeve
Pantherman –Pantherman –French Pic Sleeve
Barefoot-Frightened –Pye Demo

Also 3 LPS -The Swedish Shakane LP on Sonet, Bonnie St. Claire (now signed!) and Lemming
Plus tons of spares– watch this place...


duck_stab said...

Robin, is the Hammer here the same Hammer that did 'Hitchcock's Lullaby?' CURIOUS!

Great haul. Fuck that's incredible...

Lou said...

What a haul! Check out the B-side of The Pebbles' "Mother Army". I have the Shakane Lp on Youngblood but I think the one on Sonet has some different songs. When you get a chance could you post the tracklist?

Purepop said...

Yes it's the same Hammmer. Jos has interviewed Marc and the whole story will soon be published on the NederGlam site (still under construction)

Purepop said...

Hi Lou
The Sonet tracklisting is 1) When you dance you dance, 2) Got A Funny Feeling, 3)Muddy Water, 4) Please Eliza, 5)Comes The Night, 6)You Go Your Way, 7)Dance of the Dead, 8)Love Machine, 9) It's been a good year, 10)Take It Woman, 11) Mr Jones, 12) San Jose
I have never seen the Youngblood LP, can you let us know the difference?

Just played the the Mother Army B side is it somedays are gone on yours? -nice guitar...

Lou said...

Some Days Are Gone is the one I was talking about. Love the harmonies.

Here's the tracklist for the Shakane Lp on Youngblood:
1. Death Of A Clown
2. Dance Of The Dead
3. Madalane
4. The Hymn
5. You Go Your Way
6. Down Down Down
7. Love Machine
8. Who Knows
9. I'm Coming Home
10. Muddy Water
11. Please Eliza
12. Comes The Night

It looks like there are only 5 overlapping songs between the 2 albums.

Lou said...

Oops. Make that 6 common songs on the 2 Shakane albums...