Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bert De Coninck –Cadillac

Bert De Coninck –Cadillac/De Katvis –Parsival 1018 (1975 Belgium)

Before I get round to finally listing all the singles I found in Utrecht, Check out this fabulous Flemish take on Vince Taylor’s Brand New Cadillac that I found at the fair. This version owes more to The Renegades or The Shamrocks than to Vince Taylor’s original but it has real bite and sports a blistering lead break that simply oozes attitude as does the vocal performance that is positioned somewhere between smooth crushed velour and pure snot (get with the Phlegm!). Bert is still making music in Portugal –check out his site here: http://www.bertdeconinck.com/

More details on the Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet launch soon....I am still waiting for a snap of Bonnie and me on stage –anyone?

Hear a full version of Cadillac


Jeroen Vedder said...

"belgium is the new Holland"

Purepop said...

Indeed -better get used to it BelgoGlam is the new NederGlam..if only we could find a suitable act from Luxemburg, we could be even talking BeneGlam

Purepop said...

From Bert
"I loved that song from the first time I heard it. It is a pure, catchy song.
My version was produced by Ghislain Slingeneyer who also played the bass. The great guitar is played by Jean-Marie Aerts. drums were played by Tony Gyselinck.
Three great musicians from the land of the Sprouts. Sprout plays loud, haha !"