Friday, April 24, 2009

Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet: The Launch

OK, finally here are a few pics from the launch of Clap Your hands and Stamp Your Feet. Building up to the launch there had been a lot of national press, radio and TV coverage in Holland, it was quite amazing actually, there are just so many angles to this thing. Seeing pics of Pantherman in the mainstream national press was quite a thrill.

I must say that I am very proud to have been involved in this compilation. The guys at Excelsior have done a great job and the CD and booklet look amazing. It certainly stands out from your usual CD.

Anyhow, I spent the Friday mopping as best I could singles from the 500 or so dealers at the fair, I took the odd short coffee break and ended the day hanging up with Jos our 100 Nederglam pic sleeves display. The concept was huge. Fuck Fen shui, this is the really important stuff!

100 singles rule!

So as Bonnie St. Claire was the focus of it all and a goddess, so all the Bonnie singles ended up dead centre, the Left Side singles were guessed it –the Left Side. Cardinal Point had to be at a Cardinal Point, so were on the bottom right. Shelby The Clap’s single had to be next to The Rockets as he was a Rock N Roll goes on and on. Earlier in the day, I got Bonnie’s number and gave her a ring -she seemed really happy to be involved...

On the day itself, the momentum was building nicely and then 1 o clock was suddenly upon us. I started by spinning a couple of tunes, Jos projected his compilation of NederGlam videos, and then Smyle were ready to take to the stage.
The Smyle guys were super friendly and their short set was just what was called for; full of Beatle harmonies and Powerpop jangle. They hadn’t played together in 35 years, but the fun and complicity they shared on stage was pretty infectious.

Mark Boon of Smyle

Pantherman (Frank Klunhaar) showed up minus costume. It seems his mask is kept in a glass display in his living room, but perhaps one day...Anyhow Frank is a very friendly and TALL gentleman, still I am sure he call in his gnashers if required.

I am going to bite you...

Had a quick word with Pete Koelewijn , his name appears all over this compilation. He wrote and produced CYHASYF, Locomotion, Rock N Roll Drummer, and so much more. His production and knack for combining the NederStomp with killer hooks are legendary. Jos will be talking to him in more depth soon and interviews will be appearing on the NederGlam website (more details shortly).

But where was Bonnie? We were told that she was on her way and then we heard that she was still at home, so we gave up on her showing up, but the show went on culminating in those involved (Pantherman, Pete Koelewijn, Smyle and Wally from Lemming) being presented with the CD.
Then it was all over, a special moment had passed where the last two years of researching and getting the compilation had reached its apex or had it?

Robin, Bonnie and Jos (and sandwich)

...We then we get a call that Bonnie was coming after all...and 1 hour after the main event had reached its premature climax, Bonnie strolled in. It was lovely meeting her and chatting. I then had the honour to introduce her on stage and present her with the CD, but Bonnie had other ideas..."Play the record" she said and off she went performing Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet, even passing the mic to me to help out on “backing vocals...”!

Clap Your Hands an Stamp Your Clogs...motherf***ers

Ever the professional Bonnie then held court signing singles, albums and photos for a long line of fans. She is still a top draw attraction and Holland should be proud of her - she is a national treasure! She released some classic Euro Glam HIT singles, but one shouldn’t also forget Tame Me Tiger and I surrender. Classic singles with classic performances. Go check out YouTube as well...her influence and talent should never be belittled.


Hubba Zoot said...

Hey, love your site! Come here often to listen to these old but supercool singles of yours.
Fun to read about your trip to Netherland. It's a lovely country.

duck_stab said...

Was the Smyle set their stuff or covers? Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Jos said:
Someone uploaded most of the songs Smyle played at The Launch on Youtube now. No covers...

David Lawrence said...

really amazing! looking forward to owning a copy of the cd.

Tony Crazeekid said...

salut Robin
FĂ©licitation pour le cd ! vraiment un super boulot.
Tres bonne sélection et l'objet est vraiment magnifique !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin ,
Is there any chance " Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet " will be available in the USA ?
Perhaps Amazon or Bomp mailorder ?
Can't wait to get a copy !
- Sean

Purepop said...

Not too sure who is distributing in the US, but you can get it from the Excelsior site, if not just type in "Nederglam" on ebay and several copies are available as BINS

Anonymous said...

I've just found a free download of it !

Purepop said...

That's lame an lazy AND you don't get the 52 page booklet. Why would anybody to pleased to get a free download of it?