Monday, November 10, 2008

Savwinkle And Turnerhopper –Your Mother Thinks I’m A Hoodlum

Savwinkle And Turnerhopper –Your Mother Thinks I’m A Hoodlum/Dirtyin’ My Thing- Pye 7N 17913 (1970 UK)

With a title that grabs the attention, Your Mother Thinks I’m A Hoodlum is a bizarre concoction on the border of Freakbeat albeit with a Dave Arbus soundalike on fiddle instead of having Eddie Philips style guitar moves. The underlying guitar goes for that Hey Gyp motif with bongos reinforcing the beat and the track does build nicely. Not sure about these guys commitment to The Revolution, but the lyrics are quite a hoot what with references to never hitting old ladies and paying taxes although wearing their hair long. It’s co-produced by Ray Hammond who managed The Fire for a while, but who were Savwinkle and Turnerhopper? Both tracks are credited to Turner & Savage
This just in from Ray Hammond:
"Savwinkle and Turnerhopper were a duo I manufactured for a 'one-off' record deal with Pye.
The singer/songwriters were John Turner and Derek Savage, former leader of a sixties group from Battersea called 'The Saturday Band.'
When their playing days were over the pair started The Saturday Agency in Thayer Street, London W1 representing a number of artistes and bands.
I shared office space with the pair in 1969-70 and, as they were still keen to write and perform, I thought I'd give them an opportunity. Sadly, their efforts didn't win the public over."

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