Sunday, November 16, 2008

F.B.I –I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight

F.B.I –I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight/The Boogaloo Boo-Boo –A&M AMS 705 (1973 UK)

I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight is a logical but bubbly cover of the Boyce & Hart hit (also on A&M), where a semi-Glitter beat and Leslie guitars subtly update the tune for 1973. This single is the work of producers Phil Swern and Johnny Arthey (The Pearls, Blue Haze, The Seashells etc…). and the promo blurb anticipated that the release would” find a warm reception with contemporary M.O.R programmers”. There’s nothing quite like aiming for the run of the mill whilst managing label heads’ expectations and achieving zilch…The B side is a fun piece of Bubbleglam fluff and is also worth a spin or two...

Click on title for an edit of I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight and The Boogaloo Boo-Boo

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Stephen said...

That's the Phil Swern who currently produces Brian Matthew's "Sounds of the Sixties"?