Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sharaton –Caught In The Act

Sharaton –Caught In The Act/Spotlight –VIP VP 7483 (1974 NL)

Losing myself in total low land obscurity here… There is zilch in the way of information on Sharaton, the only clues are that both songs are written by SharatonE. Weiss and that Sharaton’s bass player was Andre Versluijs who was later in Diesel alongside Mark Boon of Smyle as well as playing in Carlsberg.

Anyhow, Caught In The Act is an up-tempo Punk/Glam crossover, but ends up being a confused beast. It’s been compared to The Angelic Upstarts meets Racey and I couldn’t have put it more eloquently myself…

Click on title for a full version of Caught In The Act


jan gorter said...

Nice one! Never heard this before.
Sharaton came from Amsterdam and was a predecessor of hard rock band Park Lane. the Nederpop book bij Bajema/Briel/Evers doesn't even list this 45, but there is mention of 2 earlier singles, Walking Down the Road and Day and Night b/w Rainbow, both on Pink Elephant (72 and 73), The singer/guitarplayer is listed as Evert Wels.There's no mention of André Versluis though.

Purepop said...

Hi Jan
I have Walking Down The Road, but didn;t know about the other one -thanks for the info