Monday, September 08, 2008

Stud Leather – Cut Loose

Stud Leather – Cut Loose/ Emma Louise – Dart ART 2024 (1973 UK)

I reviewed this great single two years ago, but the copy I had was housed in a horrid French pic sleeve. But to celebrate FINALLY finding a UK copy on the great Dart (née D’Art) label, here is the track again and this time in its entirety…There is also a German pic sleeve about, which is in no way as ugly as the French one.

To recap -Cut Loose is a frenetic primitive Punker powered by slap-back echoed drums, raw guitar and a simplistic piano pounding. The performance builds and builds and the vocals get wilder and wilder, ending in near hysterics with masses of crazed Halleluiahs!!!! The track finally turns into a wild cacophonous Freak Out concluding in a final explosion…It is really totally bonkers –So enjoy it and remember to play it LOUD!

Click on title for a full version of Cut Loose


Anonymous said...

Just a word of appreciation for taking the time to share all this great , underappreciated music .
Many thanks .
- Sean

BTW - does music get any cooler than " Cut Loose " ?
I don't think it does .

Anonymous said...


this is literally an incredible song.