Friday, September 12, 2008

The Laurels -Underground/ The Devil's Well

The Laurels -The Devil's Well/ Underground -Pye 7N.45034 (1971 UK)

Following the release of a couple of harmony pop singles on RCA, Hertfordshire's Laurels signed to Pye and this was their second and last single for that label. Underground is a claustrophobic angst riden tube ride and is damn catchy to boot. It's only let down by a mundane guitar solo, which is a shame as the A side, The Devil's Well, features some mean fuzzy lead guitar in this 7th of this, 7th of that etc...tale of damnation. It's a fun Eddie Seago/ Mike Leander creation and the 3rd verse is made more interesting by featuring some crunching Proto-Glitter handclaps prior to the song disolving into a Devil's laugh...

Click on title for an edit of Underground and The Devil's Well


GCW said...

Fantactic 45, I have one copy from Libanon!!

Purepop said...

From would expect them to be called the Cedars!
Actually pun aside, there seemed to have been quite a few obsure pearls released in Lebanon around that time

Anonymous said...

I knew that "Devil's Well" song straight away, but not this version, who else recorded it?
At the moment it's got me foxed, but if i recall i'll get back to you.