Saturday, September 06, 2008

Inca Bullet Joe -Nothing Has Changed

Inca Bullet Joe -Nothing Has Changed/She -Philips 6012108 (1971 French issue)

Inca Bullet Joe were a four piece band from Dordrecht (NL).They were formed from the ashes of Dutch Psych/Freakbeat legends The Zipps. Comprised of Janco Barut (Guitar), Harry Thysen (Guitar), Ruud van Seventer(Bass) and Tony v.d. Hoek (drums), this single was their only release (note in Holland it came out as a 3 track EP). It also got a release in Peru!...I guess the name helped in that particular licensing deal! Produced by Dutch legend Hans Van Hemert; it's incredibly loud and heavy, like a Crunching Glam backing track played at 16rpm with FreakRock trappings. The melody isn't that noteworthy, but the overall effect of the handclapped beat is pretty impressive; especially halfway through when the track is stripped back to its BARE basics. The B side is also on the heavy side but with a Hippy-Dippy flute interlude.

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Anonymous said...

Nice find, never heard of them !
Hans van Hemert has his own website, with a long list of all the music he's been involved with ever since 1964,