Friday, August 29, 2008

Speedies –Let Me Take Your Foto / Something On My Mind

Speedies –Let Me Take Your Foto/No Substitute –Golden Disc Records GDR 1003 (US 1979)

Speedies - Something On My Mind/Time –Speedy Delivery MS 1 (US 1981)

Once in a while a reissue programme will alert me to the existence of a band that I may have been unaware of before, and in this instance Radio Heartbeat Records’ issue of the Speedies album opened up a can of worms that led to me buying these two great singles. Both singles a fabulous examples of perfect Powerpop. It seems the Speedies were quite well known on the NYC scene often opening for visiting UK New Wave bands and they garnered quite a following. It’s hard sitting here now, to understand why a CBS or a Seymour Stein didn’t jump on them at the time as they come across as a perfect hit making machine. They had the hooks and the sound with songwriting abilities which could have turned them into real contenders. They fall somewhere between the US Titan Powerpop sound with a touch of UK New Wave and by the time they released their second single produced by Clem Burke, they could have tagged on to the success of a band like The Cars. It’s a crime an album wasn’t released at the time…

Click on title for an edit of Let Me Take Your Foto and Something On My Mind

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