Saturday, February 23, 2008

Foxtrot –Cave Man Billy

Foxtrot –Cave Man Billy/These Passing Days –RCA APBO 0169 (1974 UK)

Cave Man Billy is one of the many Glam Era Bubblegum Obscurities released on RCA at the time. It’s a silly yet compelling tune with a nice Fuzz part and Sweet–like vocals. It recalls a more frothy Neanderthal Man and is another pure Bubbleglam delight.

There are quite a few cheap copies if this single floating about online, so happy hunting!

Click below for a soundclip of Cave Man Billy

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Anonymous said...

Just discovered your site. FANTASTIC! Junk-shop glam is awesome but very difficult to come by in Singapore (99cents on ebay with 15 dollar shipping charges!!!!) so keep up the good work.