Monday, February 18, 2008

Grumpy –Rule Britannia (We’re Doing Our Bit)

Grumpy –Rule Britannia (We’re Doing Our Bit)/ You Were My Friend –Decca F13492 (1974 UK)

Rule Britannia is a fun period piece and a great ode to the 3 day week, full of the Dunkirk spirit with a wink to Confessions Of A Window Cleaner... it certainly gives The StrawbsPart Of The Union a good run for its money. The lyrics are a real hoot and musically it comes across like a Vaudevillian Kinks in bovver boots. Dave Bloxham produced this, he was mainly known for Reggae stuff although he also produced that first Ducks Deluxe album.

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Anonymous said...

Well, you'd think this one would have been a hit. It's a catchy enough tune and the lyrics are provocative without being over the top. I would have thought it would have hit the spot, but apparently not.