Sunday, March 02, 2008

Good-Time Joe - Slipstream

Good-Time Joe -Slipstream/Ballad -Philips 6012494 (1975 NL)

Slipstream is a tasty Punked-out Stonesian affair with more than a nod to the New York Dolls. The track is as tight as can be and powers straight down the mainline. It features female backing vocals that really lift the chorus and yelps on the finale that are pure Johansen.
Produced by the legend that is Boudewijn de Groot, Slipstream was recorded in 1974 under the name Stud. The record probably never came out then, but Philips decided to release it a year later as by Good-Time Joe. Stud/ Good-Time Joe featured Dutch Rock Junkie and piano-player Herman Brood in its line-up.

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duck_stab said...

Not to suggest that your work ever entered into a slump, but 'Good Time Joe' is a full-on '68 Comeback of junk shop heaviness. One of the best I've heard in awhile.

Anonymous said...

Good Site...
Cant beleeve that Junk Shop Glam is this big now!

Tony B

Purepop said...

Yes, 1974 is the new 1965!

Anonymous said...

The more I play it the more I eh... like it !! For another cool piece of inspired sleazy dutch, stonesey, junky-slang-drenched, female vox enhanced rock/punk I can really recommend the original single version (Bubble Records, 1977) of Herman Brood & his Wild Romance's "rock and roll junkie."
best, jos

duck_stab said...

NEW TIP FOR THE TOP: Round up Jesse Hector, Alan Merrill, Noddy Holder and maybe a few other select so-and-so's (Knox? Spedding? Jimmy Edwards?) and redo '1965' as '1974' - shouldn't be too hard. AND ISSUE IT RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS WITH 'I WAS IT COULD 1974 EVERYBODY' on the flip! Again, not difficult. Mike Berry produces.