Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mystery Track...

A blog reader sent me this track and no one I know knows who it is. It's probably '67/'68 and would fit perfectly between Procol Harum and Rupert's People. There are some suggestions that it may be French or Dutch, but it sounds pretty UK-ish to me.
The sound quality is pretty Lo-Fi, but if anyone knows who the artist is, please let us know...

Please click on title for a full version of "Unknown Track"


Anonymous said...

hey robin -
sorry, no info on your mystery track. Just wanted to say hello, was a pleasure meeting you in Kingston. Hope you enjoy the records as much as I enjoy the ones you post here. I'll keep my eyes peeled for, was it, Thundermug?


Purepop said...

Hi Jonah
Hope the gigs went well...The Thundermug single is Duckworth Stomp (either on the A or B side) on Axe. Your stuff is pretty cool...

duck_stab said...

robin, of course i'm no help. i'd say maybe consult the fading yellow series. maybe cross-reference what you think is the chorus through the marmalade skies site or something.

it is total procol harum though.