Sunday, December 16, 2007

West Point –Don’t Know Why/Take What You Want

West Point – Don’t Know Why/Take What You Want –Decca F 13050 (1970 UK)

With near identical drum intros, both West Point songs are fine commercial Bubblegum/Soul concoctions similar to The Equals or Paintbox with Take What You Want being my favourite of the two. I'm unsure who the band actually was, but Don’t Know Why has a Swettenham credit, which most likely relates to Peter Swettenham from Grapefruit as I also have another single by Fluff ( Dance Dance Dance/ Don’t Say You Don’t – Decca F 13273) from 1971 produced by him.

Click on title for an edit of Don’t Know Why and Take What You Want


Collin said...

Yeah, 'Take What You Want' sounds like if the Rubettes were a flower pop band. Definite keeper. And what do you mean you don't know which Swettenham - CONSULT YOUR ROCK MARKETPLACE!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 100% pop-soul-cum-bubblegum to-die-for & catchy-as-sin!! Rather akin to Port Authority, Sundae Times, etc... Flowers?! Hmm, best get yer olfactory senses checked there, Duck.