Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shelby The Clap –Killing My Music

Shelby The Clap –Killing My Music/ I’ve Got A Chance –Polydor 2050 356 (1975 NL)

Holland has been a very fertile breeding ground for Junkshop Glam with killer releases by Pantherman, Dump, Black Fire, Left Side, Heavy Dwarfs, Zingara, Cardinal Point etc…(and dear Bonnie St. Claire). This Shelby The Clap single was one of the very few remaining Dutch Glam obscurities to be unearthed, which leaves me with two more to find (as far as I know).
Shelby is in fact Shel Shellekens who drummed with The Incrowd, Brainbox and Rainbow Train. He later produced the Golden Earring album Cut in ’82 which featured the US hit Twilight Zone.
Killing My Music is an ultra-compressed Mutoid Glam number, it stomps with the best of them, but the production is bizarre and renders it even more interesting. Shelby: The Dutch Cozy Powell? –yes certainly, but one immersed in space-yoghurt! The B side is also pretty groovy as Shelby and his shinny kit expand the Junkshop envelope even further…

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duck_stab said...


and the b-side drum intro is a completely steal from 'juke box jive.'

jesus, am i the world's biggest rubettes fan or what?!?!?

Purepop said...

er...Shabby Tiger were a UK band-check your Glam-marketplace (and a map)