Friday, December 21, 2007

Paul Cass –Mini Marianne

Paul Cass –Mini Marianne/Riverboat Rock –Rainbow Records RBW 2000 (1975 UK)

Mini Marianne is a vibrant high-velocity Glam Cruncher. The production is full and tight, it has an incongruous Synth part and fun lyrics including a choice line about making Coca Cola jellies…The B side is also an uptempo rocker, but not really in the same league.
So who is Paul Cass? It’s probably a Belgian creation as it’s produced by Sylvain Van Holmen (sometimes spelt as Van Holme) who was in The Wallace Collection and Two Man Sound, but beyond that who knows?

Thanks to Bob from the site for turning me on to this baby

Click on title for a full version of Mini Marianne

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duck_stab said...

I like the rock revival chorus a lot!!!! almost sounds like something off the kursaal flyers 'golden mile' with its hodge-podge of sounds.