Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Monks –Roller Coaster Rock And Roller

The Monks –Roller Coaster Rock And Roller/ It’s A Crying Shame –Rex R11095 (1974 UK)

Surely, this is not the same Monks who did Nice Legs, Shame About The Face??? Both songs are written by J. & E. Monks, so it’s obvious that someone with a reputation to preserve is hiding here! Being on Rex they must be Irish...
Roller Coaster Rock And Roller is a nice rockin’ update of Sweet Little Rock ‘N’ Roller but it somehow comes across like a Woolworth imitation of Dave Edmunds with the monkey-beat chugging guitars and treated slide. The vocal delivery gives it a slight teen angle, but the lead break is rather piercing …so I’m unsure of the demographics this single was aimed at. It would be nice to be able clear up this mystery…anyone?

Hear a soundclip of Roller Coaster Rock And Roller

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Eamonn said...

There's another J. & E. Monks single on Rex "Penny (The Millionaires Daughter)" / "Marianne" [Rex R.11106] which I haven't heard, but they're also credited with both sides of the Meagher Family single "Five O'Clock Friday" / "Sweet Little Rock'N Roller" [Rex R.11110] which is similar. I saved the audio from an ebay auction here: