Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Left Side –Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet

Left Side –Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet/Be-Bop Baby –Apollo 613017 (1975 France)

This is a rare French only release by Dutch band Left Side (Like A Locomotion). Produced by Peter Koelewijn, this is in fact the same backing track as the Bonnie St. Claire version (you can even hear a bit of off-mic Bonnie at the end). Somehow it doesn’t quite have the same impact, apart from missing Bonnie’s vocals, the mix is perhaps not as powerful.Unless this is due to the mastering?
How many more versions of CYHASYF are still out there? By my latest count we have: Bonnie St. Claire, Left Side, Wild Angels, Funky Family, Maria on Epidemic from South Africa (1973), Fran O’Toole from the album Reflections Of Fran O’Toole (Mint Records 1976) and I presume that the Clap Your Hands Stamp Your Feet by Canadian Thundermug is also the same song…

More please!

Click below for a soundclip of Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Bonnie's own version, sung in German ('Klopf an bei mir'). Somehow also not as powerful as the original version, but the video with Bonnie miming amidst a hardcore German glamrock audience makes up for it:

tot ziens, jos

Anonymous said...

ps: Peter Koelewijn's website says this song was recorded at about the same time as Bonnie recorded her version of Left Side's Locomotion.

Nick Wale (formally Glam Rock Bear) said...

I can confirm that the Thundermug version is indeed the same song (quite funky with high pitched backing vocals) and South African Maria appears to have recorded 2 different versions (or at least different edits), one at 3:33 is on the CD The Best Of S.A. Pop and a longer version at 4:51 is on the CD Yesterday's Best Vol.1

Robin Wills said...

Yeah both the Thundermug and Maria's versions are on the blog