Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ritz –Jenny Gentle / Why Love

Ritz –Jenny Gentle/ Why Love–Dawn DNS. 1070 (1974 UK)

I’ve had this single for a while and when I took it out for a spin recently, I realised that I had never listened to the B side! And boy did I miss out as Why Love is a cracking Glam cruncher with a definite Sweet influence featuring guitar riffage in the same mould as The EasybeatsSorry. Jenny Gentle is more subdued, but is a prime catchy-as-hell commercial Pop song, with some tasty dual lead guitars. Both songs are written by P. Ryder and I assume that this is Paul Ryder who also served time as Paul Ryder And The Time Machine (Penny Farthing).
In order to make further amends, Why Love is featured as the first edit of the two songs.

Click on title for edits of Why Love and Jenny Gentle


Collin said...

both sides of WHITE SOLES please.


I just wanna be

Purepop said...

Not a got it and you can bloody keep it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ritz is indeed Paul Ryder and he is noone else than Paul da Vinci/Paul Prewer, who was the singer of Sugar Baby Love (Rubettes). He is also Roberty Lee and ....Greetings from Lu