Friday, June 08, 2007

Sweeney Todd -Roxy Roller -German Pic Sleeve

Sweeney Todd -Roxy Roller/ Rue De Chance -Nova 6.11959 (1976 German issue)

Just an excuse to show off this classic German picture sleeve and as a reminder of the great slice of Power Pop/Glam found within

Hear a soundclip


Velvet Tinmine Radio said...

That's one great sleeve! I just picked up a Canadian pressin' of the album this was taken from. That's another classic cover.

Matt Saturday said...

Oh shit, this song is so bad-ass! - I just went on ebay and bid on a copy... no pic sleeve though ;(

Velvet Tinmine Radio said...

The flip is just as good as the A-Side in my book. I played it on my show last week.

Sean / Raquel's Boys said...

This song is the supreme coolness !
All the elements that make junkshop glam the style with the highest fun-factor .
Why this hasnt been reissued on any " legit " comps is beyond me .
By the way , I'm looking to correspond with other fans of junkshop glam , i cant get enough of it ! if anyone has cd-r comps they'd be willing to share just for the love of the style contact me at :
Thanks Again Robin !

Anonymous said...

there is now a cd re-release of If Wishes Were Horses that includes Bryan's version! Woo HOo.
thanks for the's so Cabaret...