Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ted Mulry Gang –Jump In My Car

Ted Mulry Gang –Jump In My Car/Give It To Me –Philips 6000192 (1976 German issue)

Although it shares a common theme with the Prowler single, this is nowhere near as pervy. In fact Jump In My Car is a comforting automotive Pub Rock/Boogie ditty quite close to what Dave Edmunds/ Rockpile were doing around the same time featuring a very similar use of monkey beat guitar chugging. Chris Spedding’s cover on his first RAK album is probably better known over here, but this is the original “hit” version. What’s next? Stan Collymore covering Bird Doggin’?

Click below for a soundclip of Jump In My Car


duck_stab said...

Or the Dirty Angels or Nils Lofgren for that chug-a-lug geetar matter!

Actually, with the exception of 'Jump In My Car,' Ted Mulry's album 'Here We Are' is decidely nicey-nice pop which hearkens back echoes of Badfinger and the Faces. ...and the Scientists' totally lifted the title 'Shake Together Tonight' from the opening cut, 'Circles!' Stand to, trivia hands!

Vinny said...

Hello Mr Wills its your son...
yes you have a child im actually 16 now :)

haha so your the top list on google for purepop well im top for vinny wills :)

im quite popular

well see you in another life brother... 'dis iz da price youuuuu pay'

Purepop said...

So there's proof that it's not all bad after all and it's rather comforting to know that the fruit of your loins rates Cheap Trick and currently has an obsession for Freebird after watching The Devil's Rejects -There is hope!

powerpop said...

ah good to see the Australian artist got released in a different country. This was a huge hit down here.

Anonymous said...

I see someone's already told you this was huge in Australia. It was no 1 for weeks, I recall, and launched the Ted Mulry Gang as one of the biggest acts in the country for 2-3 years. Then it turned into a millstone around his neck, and he spent the rest of his (abbreviated) life trying to get taken seriously.

Personally, I never want to hear this song again.