Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Prowler –Pale Green Vauxhall Driving Man

Prowler –Pale Green (HMMMM) Driving Man/Jaywick Cowboy –Parlophone R5986 (1972 UK)

Welcome to the ongoing rummaging of future New Seekers boy Brian Engel’s closet. This is one twisted release for sure… Behind the nifty lead guitar and pop sheen of the chorus there’s a nasty tale lurking within. I bet Lyn Paul didn’t hear this one before the audition!

I’m that nasty shifty kind
That greasy 1950s kind
I’m a pale green HMMMM (Vauxhall) driving man…
Obscene and conniving
Pale green HMMMM (Vauxhall) driving man

I’m sure the management at the Vauxhall Luton plant weren’t too pleased to have their superior brand tarnished in this way, so the word Vauxhall has been replaced by a fuzz effect –It’s weird but strangely fitting. Does anyone know if any copies exist with the Vauxhall intact? I would love to hear it!

Be sure to also check out Brian’s later single by The Shambles (February 16th 2007 post)

BTW, I’m a proud Vauxhall driver, but thank god it’s of a darker shade of green!

Click below a full Pale Green (HMMMM) Driving Man


Anonymous said...

Fantastic 45! The answer to your question is that a few copies did escape with the offending word - I actually prefer the fuzzy censored version though. I'm sure the man at Waldo's archives will have a copy somewhere...

Anonymous said...

Prowler was just a name for Martin Briley and Brian Engel, so check out their CD, "Between The Sea And The Sky", which has the 1973 version, "Hmmmmm Driving Man", and a sonically superior 2006 version. Both the original '73 and 2006 versions can be downloaded individually from if you search for the artist: Martin Briley.