Sunday, June 03, 2007

Barry Blood –Poor Annie

Barry Blood –Poor Annie/ On The Run –Alaska ALA 24 (1975 UK)

Supposedly a descendant of Captain Blood... Poor Annie is closer to middle of the range Pub Rock than all out buccaneering Glam. The guitar sound is relatively crunchy and the track comes across like Ducks Deluxe (playing the 100 club in October!) track with a few more chords thrown in. The B side is interestingly sparse. It was probably a live in the studio demo with just electric guitar, slightly off mic vocals and drums. Not quite Doctor Ross or John Lee Hooker, but pretty cool all the same. Barry later recorded an Eastenders off shoot song: Killing Time (Angie’s song) and She’s The Queen Of My Rock ‘N’ Roll in ‘82 .

Barry in the early 70s. Photo courtesy of Steven Blood

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Anonymous said...

This track stands up well after all this time.
I played on both these tunes, how can I get a copy.
Thanks ,Gary.

Purepop said...

Hi Gary
Send me an email and I'll send you an MP3. The single is impossible to find and goes for a lot if it does ahow. Poor Annie has been comped on the Glitter From The Litter Bin CD, which is still findable...
All the best

Anonymous said...

didnt think i would find any of bazzes tracks on the internet,but thankyou,would love to hear killing time again,if you know where i can find it.
i rented a room from bazz in the early 80's,till his untimely exit thru cancer,miss him dearly rip bazz.thanks again robin for a blast from the

Purepop said...

I think Killing Time shows up on ebay or on sites like or
I don't have it myself...

captainblog said...

Just came across this old post ... so maybe this reply won't be read ... but Barry Blood was my dad. I've got Killing time on 7", assorted posters and who knows what else email:

andy said...

I'm Barry's other son, Andy. I know Gary Mitchell (drummer)too.
I think the track really stands up, funny to find it on the web, and other songs too. Must bring them together. I have tapes of German US Army base shows, Jimmy Hendrix covers, etc, they're brilliant.
Twitter: @thebloodster

Amber said...

im barry blood's grandaughter!!
as you can see, my grandad has a lot of family
im very glad lots of people have heard of him!
thank you

jurgenweigt said...

From 1983-88 Barry was lead singer / guitarist in my band Trans Europa Express. We mostly worked in Scandinavia during that time. I have his single "Killing Time".
Jürgen Weigt

happymanoftheworld said...

Hi Gary and all Barry's relatives. Iwas also in the bedroom doing "On the Run" and "Poor Annie" - although you would have to listen real hard to hear the keyboards. In the later years I used to ask Barry to join me at my gigs whilst he was on "abroad" leave. It was when he was with me at Herriots that I spoke to a lovely guy from Granada studios - I gave him Barry's cassette of songs (Mercy, Mercy,: On The Run: Good Feelin' Today etc.etc) and asked if he could do anything for Barry. The guy was a Director of Eastenders - hence Killing Time was used. Barrys publicity for the song gave some age for him which was minus a few years - when I next spoke to the director I mentioned Barry's real age. I got a very irate phone call from Barry!!!! Last time I saw him was about three weeks before his passing when he came to my coffe shop and, as usual, extrated a couple of coffees from me. We did have some great laughs along the way (Gary will testify to THAT!!!!)
Sadly the cassette of the songs I had, plus the single about being at a casino in which you could hear the roulette wheel were stolen (I did keyboards for that last one in a Macclesfield studio). I would be extremely grateful if anyone can offer me copies!!!
ALSO - when at Herriots I compered the Miss England competition - and introduced Barry miming to Killing Time from a dias in the centre of the pool (now Bannantynes). It was videoed by a guy (nice guy!) who owned a video company in Manchester - I am sure his first name was David and he had a hyphonated surname..... any ideas as I would like to get a copy of that. I think at one time he also owned a recording studio in Manchester. Any ideas anyone?
Finally, a chance in a million, but there was a wedding at Herriots where someone videod Barry and I doing harmonies such as You've lost that loving feeling etc. If ever the bride/groom or other persons know of this video please get in touch. |The internet is an amazing thing - Barry would have been in his element! Imagine him with mixing programmes and sequencers today!

Sorry it is a long post but I had a lot of catching up to do....... also, can I just add that from the conversations I had with Barry I must say to his boys - he was IMMENSELY proud of you both. Thanks all or

robert angelo said...

hi name is Bob Sawyer.....I met Barry and drummer Gary at an audition in Tottenham, N.London, in May '74....we hit it off, and were to form a band (that did'nt take off....) I remember playing 'Poor Annie' and 'Son of Milton'with them....

happymanoftheworld said...

You must have been good player Bob! Re my post above looking for two videos. Thankfully I managed to trace Barry's son Steve who had the only copy in his attic. He posted it to me and I had it digitised..... please bear in mind it is an old VHS "home-made" video which has degraded little through time and is a copy of a copy..... but it shows Barry's singing talent. Just search youtube "Barry Blood Stuart" to see him live. - I hope you enjoy it.