Monday, April 23, 2007

Bloom –Don’t Break This Heart

Bloom –Don’t Break This Heart/Can I Get You For The Night –Philips 6012 704 (1976 NL)

Don’t Break This Heart is a classic traditional Power Pop tune very much in a similar vein to The Poppees or Smyle. The cover also wears its classicism on its …sleeve and recalls The Scruffs’ LP. A couple of members of Bloom later reappeared as part of Bloem after merging with another Hilversum band Teenager. The main guy in Bloom/Bloem was Joost Timp, son of TV celebrity Mies Bouwman.

Click on title for full version of Don’t Break This Heart


Anonymous said...

Robin, you're the best!
I looove your site. Will try to chat with you some day...

Robin Wills said...

Hi Pierre
Good to hear from you...apart for stating the obvious about my greatness, Pierre has this great 70s Power Pop site Bubblegum The Punk...Will add it to the links soon

Anonymous said...

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