Sunday, April 22, 2007

Panther – One Man Band

Panther –One Man Band/Evelyne –Polydor 2050 362 –(1975 NL)

After one unforgettable first single (see review January 15th), and a so so follow up, Frank Klunhaar AKA Pantherman seemed to have developed a serious personality disorder. He may be trying to look tough on the cover, but it’s obvious that he had lost his nerve –the mask is gone and his claws are clipped. These lyrics say it all…

Shall I be a rainbow rider or a diver in the sea, or a lover or a fighter

No Frank! We want you to show us your claws and bite us! One Man Band is OK and it perks up at the end with some neat backward guitar and a strange street musician interlude, but we are a long way off from the genius that was Pantherman for just one perfect single.

Click on title for soundclip of One Man Band

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Anonymous said...

On his website Frank informs us that once again he played all instruments by himself on this single. At that time Polydor put pressure on him to form a band and tour, but that idea never got further than rehearsing and a photo session, see the sleeve ! Also, it’s hard not to see this thing in the light of the One Man Band-craze that’s been going on in Garageland for the past couple of years (John Schooley, BBQ, Lightning Beat Man, Jeffrey Novak and dozens of others).Or to put it briefly: a Great Visionary, that’s what he was ! jos