Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Nashville Teens –Ella James

The Nashville Teens –Ella James/Same (Promo)–UA 50880 (1971 US)

This is an absolute killer version of The Move Song. If anything it rocks harder than the original and features some blistering lead guitar breaks and a wild pounding piano. The single was issued in the UK on Parlophone with Tennessee Woman on the B side. I assume that this was the same version as issued under the Arizona Swamp Company moniker (see review March 28th). Any other great late Nashville Teens tracks out there?

Click below for soundclip


apolloc said...

hi robin

maybe it's irrelevant here, but i just found a Fortunate Sons 1986 concert in France - i know all of the songs played but one song is unknown to my ears - the lyrics go like "i just want your body" - would you help me in telling me the right title


Purepop said...

Not that is has anything to do with The Teens...I know the gig -it's Lyon '86. As for the unknown song -it was one written by "Honest" John Plain -I think the title was "I Want Your Body". We also did Terminal Love as an encore. HJP was playing guitar with us on that tour

MrQwerty said...

Not that live obscure songs by the Sons aren't great discussion points, but this comment has everything to do with the teens:

Wow, what a great version. Not a great departure from the original, but great nonetheless as it's such a choice cover.

Never realised the Teens were in existence for so long after their chart success. I found another of their songs on a Glam 'Junkshop' compilation recently which again is nothing like Tobacco Road either - but why should I be so suprised?

Matt Gee said...

Great version!
Just like Paul and Barry Ryan, (together or apart) and Neil Christian, and the Equals... it appers that many would jump on the bandwagon of opportunism in order to try and get a hit... shame that only Tom Jones is by far the only one with real success.

Anonymous said...

Oh I had forgotten all about this one! I still have it somewhere on 45 ... I have always thought it was The Move's version I played to death in 1972 but it wasn't, it was this one. And you're right, it rocks way harder than the Move track.

Thanks for the post.